How can I help?

I am an experienced counsellor / psychologist an accredited Mental Health Social Worker. I work with individuals and couples and provide a safe space where they can work through their distress and find increased emotional and relational peace.


I have experience working with people of all ages and in all stages of life, both in private practice and in the Community. Much of my work is related to grief and trauma which I believe underpins all distress; for with every change of circumstances, we must lose something from our past and confront something new in our future.


I understand how life events can cause us to a lose faith in ourselves and lead to unhappiness and conflict and thus I approach counselling with genuine caring and respect. I believe that all people are intrinsically worthy; that they are unique; that they are able to make sound decisions and that they can have successful relationships and create the life they want.


In counselling I encourage people to examine their behaviour; look at the way they live in a different way and explore ways to work towards change. I focus on their strengths knowing that through overcoming challenges, we grow and learn.


I work holistically in the belief that human functioning is a merging of the physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural, political and spiritual. I am creative and practical and maintain flexibility integrating features from a range of therapeutic approaches to enable me to work with people at all levels.


About Me

Terms & Conditions


Fees: $140.00

Conc. $110.0


Accredited Mental Health Provider.

Medicare Rebate of $75.95

available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan.


All sessions are  50 min.

Cancellation fees may apply for less than 48 hours notice.


The joy in my life comes from my relationships with family and friends, sustainable living, gardening, yoga, reading, camping, open water swimming and my work.  I have lived life to the full, experiencing the joys and heartbreaks of raising a family; the complexities of intimate relationships; the challenges of making a living; the loss that comes with being an orphan and dealing with life transitions, thus I am familiar with life's challenges through my own milestones and I draw from these experiences to inform me.

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